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To do good in our local community, for needy international communities, for the environment and to promote peace on our planet, whilst enjoying each other’s company and making a positive difference in our own lives.
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What's Happening at Maryborough Rotary?
Last Thursday, Vice President Leigh Williamson shared his vocation as a farmer of hay and cattle. It was fascinating to hear of the changes in the hay industry, particularly the fact that much of Leigh's market is sourced through Facebook. Leigh also shared his insights into the live sheep and cattle market based on his actual experience in the sector.
Almost 50 members and guests attended our meeting last Thursday to hear our club's Vocational Scholarship awardee, Kelsey Chandler share her story. Kelsey travelled to Ireland and Scotland to discover world's best practice, and attend a training course on setting up "Nurture Groups" in schools. The nurture group program has been developed in the United Kingdom to support students who perform poorly in school as a direct result of trauma (such as family violence) in the home. Targeted students are placed in small groups with a caring adult who leads them through "bonding" activities on a regular, predictable basis, and this element of stability in their lives has a huge impact on their capacity to learn. Great results have been achieved in the UK, and Kelsey hopes that similar results can be achieved here in Maryborough. Due to Kelsey's dedication, and the support of the Maryborough Education Centre, this will be the first of such programs in Australia. We thank the Central Goldfields Shire for their generous donation of $5000 to enable this program to occur, and congratulate Kelsey for her inspiring presentation and commitment to making the world a better place through this Rotary venture. Thanks must also go to the Vocational Scholarship coordinator, PP Garry Higgins who is pictured here with Kelsey after her talk.
Six potential members attended our club meeting last Thursday to experience a typical Rotary weekly meeting. This event is our club's latest method of conducting membership information nights. As our Membership committee chair, PP Garry Higgins explained when welcoming the potential members, instead of having a whole meeting dedicated to membership information and promotion, we want potential members to experience a typical meeting in action. The plan was to choose a night when we have an interesting guest speaker, and deliberately invite a targeted group of half a dozen potential members who have expressed some interest in joining Rotary. Basic information about Rotary's history, aims, principles and programs was presented by PDG Geoff as an extended "INK" spot, but otherwise, all the other elements of the night were "typical" Rotary.
Thank you to all members who attended the Committee meetings last week.  It was pleasing to see the number in attendance and the strong and robust discussions had by committee members.
It was interesting to hear from the Committee Chairs all the items and projects that committees discussed last week and look forward to being achieved in the next twelve months.  This work was done in preparation for our Strategic Plan review.
Thank you to the people who have volunteered to be a Committee Chair for 2018 - 19.
Thea Allen - Community
Leigh Williamson - Administration
Derrick Marsden - Foundation and International
Geoff James - Vocational
Garry Higgins - Membership
Chris Frahn - Public Image
Sincere thanks go to all service people, fallen, retired and those still currently serving. We owe a huge debt of gratitude for those who were and still are prepared to place their own lives at risk for their country. Pictured is the scene at the memorial in Maryborough, and also PP Thea Allen at the service in Carisbrook - reflecting on the service of Women in War.

The football season is back as we know and this = the chance to have a win in the Friday Footy Frenzy competition!

The winner of this weeks round of Friday Night Footy Frenzy in the match between Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs played at the Adelaide ground in what was a rather lack lustre affair and a low scoring game for the first half of play was none other than, with a winning square of 3-6, and with a bonus of a jackpot booty of $30 heading his way, the organising committee has great pleasure in announcing this fine Rotarian and all round good guy as the winner this week. Mr Williamson your winnings are coming your way on Thursday night and as always,  good things come to those who keep on keeping on. 

Thanks for playing. 

Oh sorry, my omission, ......Leigh. 

FFF Coordinator - Robert Rowe

It was certainly interesting and significant that Colleen Rich was nominated and received a Shine On Award for her achievements in her work and community life living with a physical disability - brittle diabetes and also recently diagnosed celiac disease.
Colleen was able to talk about living and working with these impairments and whilst at times it has been difficult "but you just get on with each day and learn to live with the disability but not let it rule your life."
Congratulations to Colleen for her efforts and we wish her well in the future.
Reminder all members and partners that Bowel Scan kits are now available for purchase from the chemist.  This simple test could save your life - buy a kit today
What a fantastic presentation from a RLYA survivor without giving away any secrets. I commend Elizabeth for trying to provide us with highlights from her terrific experience at the recent RLYA camp without divulging any activities or secrets about the program. I believe the main point that Elizabeth did manage to get across to all present was that the camp was a turning point in her life and what a difference it has made to her already.  Elizabeth's biggest personal outcome was that this has raised an awareness for herself of where she is in her life currently and where Elizabeth wants to be in the future.  It has also given Elizabeth the chance to set goals that she will strive to achieve. There were 42 participants (including Elizabeth) attended the camp and there will be 41 additional friends for life from the experience.
During Thursday's meeting, Rotarian Tracey provided an excellent summary and visual record of each item at our recent District Conference in Mt. Gambier. By the end of the meeting, all in attendance had an excellent idea of the main thrusts of each speaker and a feel for the ambiance of the event. Thank you, Tracey!
On Thursday, Past President Kay McLaughlin from Stawell RC, complete with baseball bat persuader, provided members with a clear overview of what is involved in hosting an exchange student. She explained that she has to try and place around thirteen students in our District for the coming year, and it has been an uphill battle gaining a commitment from clubs. She announced that a young lady from a rural city Norway is particularly looking for a club like Maryborough. Well done, Kay, for your perseverance!
Next year's Directors are reminded that the District Training Assembly is on at Marian College in Ararat on Sunday, APRIL 29th. The hope is that all incoming directors may attend because there are specific sessions for every portfolio plus new Rotarians:
President Elect Session - For Club Presidents 2018 -19
President Nominee Session - For members who will be Club President 2019-20
Club Secretary Session - For Club Secretaries 2018-19
Club Treasurer Session - For Club Treasurers 2018-19
Rotary Foundation Session - For members who will be Club TRF Chair 2018-19
Membership Session - For Club Membership Chair/Director or representative
Social Media -For Club PR Chair, Facebook Administrators, Social Media representatives.
Public Image Resources -For PR Chairs, Bulletin Editors, Website Administrators, Event Organisers
Service Projects Session -For Club Directors/Chairs responsible for Community, Vocational or International Projects.
Youth Services Session -For Club Youth Services Director/Chair
Club Administration Session -For Club Administration/Service Directors/Chair or representative.
Strategic Planning - Includes Club Visioning
New Rotarians Session -For Club members without previous Board position experience.
The club will pay for your fees and lunch will be included. Please plan to be there.
We were to have a debate on the Four Way Test at our meeting this week, but we plan to take the opportunity to provide a review of the District Conference including showing a short video of the most inspiring speaker at the event, Gillian Hicks who was almost killed in the bombings in London a few years ago. We'll also have scintillating video of the Maryborough presentation - how can you miss that!

Our vocational scholarship awardee, Kelsey, has just been in contact and has finished the Nurture course in Stirling. “Had a great day at the course today (just finished), it was all tied together very nicely. Very beneficial and brain is going crazy thinking about how to implement different parts of it.”

Her Rotary hosts were fantastic and very friendly with offers to stay on if she wished. 

Don’t forget that Kelsey will be our guest speaker at our Membership Night in May. Please invite all the young people you know to give them the opportunity to listen to one of their peers talk about the “Power of Rotary” in changing the lives of young people in our community.

Again, well done Maryborough Rotary.

PP Garry Higgins

A quick report on the pre Easter breakfast meeting on Thursday 29th March. 
Welcome back to President Karen from her leave of absence
Thank you to those who attended the meeting and witnessed the rehearsal of the 2019 District Conference presentation to be delivered by several budding artists at Mt Gambier this coming weekend.  I think the feedback was that a few more rehearsals maybe necessary prior to presentation on Sunday morning.
Thank you to Robyn Jennings for organising the conference shirts for members to wear. 
Safe travel for those going to Mt Gambier and looking forward to the information gathered being presented to members on your return.
I hope all enjoyed the auctioned Easter bunnies; I know Ally did!
Hugh Delahunty, Central Goldfields Administrator and past Parliamentarian shared his story with our club members on Thursday.
Our Club Board has been concerned that our Club is sometimes forced to make decisions about involvement in events without having accurate information.
The membership committee has come up with a system to try to remedy this problem.
Every member in our club has been allocated to one of nine Contact Groups. Each group is managed by a Group Coordinator
The Group Coordinators have been chosen by the membership committee. Most coordinators are members the Membership committee or members of the Club Executive who are reasonably regular attenders at meetings. They have all agreed to do this role.
The Role of each coordinator is to simply contact absent members in their group (usually by phone) when the club requires feedback e.g. when collecting volunteers for a Barbeque or Bike Ride event etc.
People running events will usually ask at a meeting who is available for some event, and the Group coordinators have agreed to contact those members who aren’t at the meeting to ensure they are given the opportunity to participate.
For this to work, it is important that a full list of club members is used when collecting volunteers for events – we can then indicate to group coordinators the people who are absent. We will make these sheets available in the cupboard here.
The coordinator will certainly not put pressure on anyone to participate – their approach will be, “The club wants to know who’s available for a Barbeque on April 7th at 8am – if you’re interested and available, would you please contact Thea sometime this week – or I can tell her if you like.”
Group 1 – Coordinator: Mallee
Group 2 – Coordinator: Harold
Group 3 – Coordinator: Peter
Group 4 – Coordinator: John C
Group 5 – Coordinator: Garry
Group 6 – Coordinator: Geoff
Group 7 – Coordinator: Martin
Group 8 – Coordinator: Derrick
Group 9 – Coordinator: Thea
Every member will be sent a list of all the groups with contact details in this coming week
If a Group Coordinator is absent when a list of responses is required, we would ask one of the group members to take over the role. In most cases, it simply means a couple of phone calls.
Once it is up and running, we would value your feedback on how this system is working
Our presentation last Thursday was a video talk from Susan Pinker given at a Ted Conference last April. Susan shared  the latest research on why people live longer, and she concludes that the two key factors are that you have at least 3 close relationships in your life, and that you interact socially with other people on a regular basis - e.g. talking to the postman, chatting with shopkeepers, playing cards with friends, coming to Rotary etc. Our brains release all kinds of positive chemicals when we have to interact, face to face with others. The talk is entitled, "The Secret to Living Longer May Be Your Social Life" and it is available on Youtube.
At our meeting on Thursday last week, as part of our "Share Your Vocation" segment, PP Brian Thomas shared his fascinating story of making beautiful boxes out of Australian Cedar and distributing them world wide. Part of his enjoyment from this was joining the Bendigo Woodworking group for networking.  Brian did this for about 15 years, whilst at the same time also experiencing flower growing of proteas.  Brian couldn't stress enough how important networking is in your chosen career or interests. Brian has provided his Australian cedar boxes to the President of the USA, Royalty in England and the RIPA from Bangladesh.
Thank you to Brian for such an interesting vocational talk