Over twenty Rotary members were treated to a delicious three course meal and engaging presentations at the Girl Guides hall on May 13th, when our club was hosted by the local Girl Guides group. Three members of the guides, leader Vanessa Parker (centre), her daughter Cara (left), and Hannah Lanfranchi (right) spoke to our members about what the Guide movement means to them, and how the local Guides have been dealing with the Covid pandemic. See "Read more..."
Hannah Lanfranchi said she was attracted to the Guides because of the movement's core values, as well as the friendships and "fun stuff". She added that "there is something for everyone - from craft, to cooking, to camping, but really, it's about always doing your best." She concluded, "Guides has given me so many opportunities, and I'd recommend it to anyone." Hannah has recently completed tasks required for achieving a Guides "BP" award (named after the founder of Scouting and Guides, Baden Powell) and she is gearing up to tackle her Queens's Guide challenge which will take from 12 - 18 months to complete. When asked how the Guides dealt with Covid, Hannah responded, "We came up with plans, and conducted activities online. We just tried to keep things running."
Guide leader, Vanessa Parker spoke about the way that Guides builds courage in, and empowers young women and girls. She outlined the huge impact that Guides has had on her daughter, Cara. At just eight years of age, a rather timid Cara went off to a Guides camp and came home with a photo of her wrapped in a massive python snake! Cara spoke with enthusiasm about the next "camp" she is planning to attend. It's called a "Snooze Fest" and it is being held in Luna Park where the guides will camp under the stars overnight. Cara will join with around 36 Guides from Bendigo and Castlemaine on a bus direct to the theme park and the fun will then commence!
When asked by a Rotarian how the Guides movement was dealing with gender equity and diversity issues, Guides leader Lyn Curry confirmed that Guides has been active in implementing a range of inclusion and diversity policies for their groups so that the girls are always empowered through the education and and experiential programs designed for their participants. The Guide lore embodies the empowering of self, as well as the understanding of self, "whilst building respect for myself and others".
After their presentation, Rotarian Louise presented Vanessa, Hannah and Cara with small gifts in appreciation for their contribution to a night thoroughly enjoyed by all.