Rotary Fellowships  can be  a great way to extend your  Rotary network. For example  the Recreational Vehicle Fellowship extends  across all of Eastern Australia  and as a member you can  attend  adventures  across most of  the country  with fellow Rotarians , in Victoria alone there are more than 100 members  and they meet at least three times a year.  If you have a caravan or motor home all you have to do is to join on line  and begin a whole new adventure. If you prefer cricket speak to Derrick  whose life practically revolves around the  fellowship and the  guys he has met.
Last  weeks meeting at Peppa's was  a pleasant change  and so will next week"s meeting be  at Havilah  but  a change in  format.
David Hare will be away for a few weeks....what an to Nepal with his son  hiking to the  Mt Everest base camp. Good on you , David.