On Sunday 21st April....The  South Pacific Veteran Cycling Club  need a  marquee and BBQ  in Sturt Street  as they did last   year.  We need t   some volunteers to make it happen.  We know it is Easter  but  would  you please contact Thea urgently so that this can be resolved?  An EZY -Up small marquee must be put up on Saturday  and small BBQ  will need a couple of people on Sunday..we need  volunteers! Please talk to Thea.
The Conference.....We  are sorry we  missed  the promised to be  a great event with  much community and Club involvement  and   the result  was exactly that , something to go in our History Book.
My thanks go to all who made Rotary on Show work and especially Mark Edmondson and Stephen Broad whose efforts enabled the whole  thing to work.  We could not believe how healthy Peter H looks after his marathon effort!
The FNFF  is going well... Robert   announced that   last weeks winner, Annabelle  Ong   is   in  London...a truly international event.  It is fun but also supports the Club's International Committee with its Sri Lankan  effort at Welgama Community....still a few squares!
Our new member Brian  has invited members  to attend Robyn's  birthday celebration on April 20th at 5.00pm....thanks Brian  we hope  quite a few members  will be able to attenfd. There will be an anarray of their old friends from Heidelberg  so it will be   a great  day!
PP Garry Higgins had a great experience at Government House where he was presented with his OA medals,  They were  somewhat surprised at the efficiency with  which the Governor made the presentations , from memory about 1500  lined up!
Our   on-duty Rotarians  have  in the past  done the set-up and pull downs  for our meetings...lately it seems that  much of the work  is done  by the time  the on-duty guys arrive...maybe I am wrong but  I am sure  you will agree that that the worload should be shared!
Do you miss the presence of some of our Rotarians at the weekly meetings...we  know john Hazedine has not been well ( best wishes, John) we hope that with the end of daylight savings maybe Tom Davies and  Tony Coyle  may make it  more often.  We hate  to lose touch with these guys.
Brian (T)