Did You Hear?...,,,,,,E&OE
It was  a  good fun night at Peppa's  and the food was great!   Fund raising was in full flight  with lots of fines  and Kate managed to  auction a dozen eggs  for $20...she is in the right business!
Without Garry attending ,  news is lacking .....at least his good stories were missing. 
Pres. Meryl has listed all of the activities  on our program  in  coming weeks and there is plenty  happening.
On Wednesday October 30th  Ararat  Rotary is  having a dinner meeting at which   John Strachan,  State Manager of  Prostate Cancer  Research and Awareness Support   will be speaking.  You are invited to Chalamar Golf Club,   7.00pm start, contact  Jenni 0409211576
Rotary  World polio Day  event.....to be held in Philadelphia   on 24 October ...you can live stream  from your computer or smartphone  starting at 6.30pm Philadelphia time  or view afterwards on   endpolio.org.
We are pretty good at photos....how about entering some  taken since  1 st January 2018.  in the Rotarian magazine  photo contest ,and have them published in the Rotarian magazine ( World equivalent to RDU)  ....closes   on December 15.
Rotary was represented at the funeral of past member Trevor Potter  last Friday.   A very  thoughtful  service  indicated how  much Trevor  was valued as a family member and friend, the facilities were packed with family and friends joining together to farewell Trevor.