District 9780 Governor, Kathy Rivett visited our club meeting on November 3rd and inspired members to move into our Rotary future as "imagineers". Following the challenge from Rotary Interenational President Jennifer Jones to "Imagine Rotary" as this year's Rotary theme, Kathy believes that if we use our imaginations, we can go a long way towards solving the current problems facing our organization as we move forward. Click "Read more..." for more details.
Kathy reminded members that Walt Disney came up with the idea of "Imagineers" - they were the engineers who put Walt's fantastical dreams into reality and brought joy to many generations of the young at heart. Rotarians are those engineers who put the hopes and dreams of Rotary leaders like Jennifer Jones into action and bring them to reality e.g., with the new "Environment" Area of Focus, clubs can harness the interests and energies of younger people to better look after our planet, they can harness the interests and energies of increasing numbers of female members to create clubs with a different tone compared to clubs of past generations, they can try out new types of clubs like "satellite" clubs and explore different ways of doing things as has been achieved in Kathy's own club of Alfredton, and most of all, Rotarian "imagineers" can think up many new ways of having fun as we serve the community.