Last Thursday, our Service committees met via Breakout Rooms in "Zoom". Reports were presented by all committee chairs, and PP Garry Higgins, chair of the Vocational Committee, summed up the spirit of the night by saying that we are all going to have to think differently about the way we do our Rotary service in the near future.
Restrictions of some sort are going to be with us for months to come, so it is pointless attempting to plan events as if we had the freedom of pre-covid times. We have to think up new ways of doing good in the world using whatever technologies are available to us - such as programs like Zoom and various Social Media platforms. Even so, some committees are making plans to do things despite Covid-19, or in preparation for post-covid "normal" times e.g. the youth committee is still planning to present scholarships at Virtual end-of-year meetings held by schools, the community committee is seeking to repair our marquees and get the barbeque trailer in good working order, and the International committee is planning to send off funds to communities in urgent need of food after being negatively affected by the pandemic. During our next lot of committee meetings, the plan is to focus on specific projects to make best use of our current limitations. On a lighter note, members enjoyed a very funny YouTube video about a dog eating elegantly at a restaurant - here is the link if you want to see it again:
Welfare Officer, John Caulfield reminded members to let him know of any members and friends who are doing it tough during the lockdown.
We once again welcomed PP Brian Thomas from South Australia to our meeting, and prospective member, Austin Taylor, who has joined us over the last couple weeks and who also briefly shared his journey to be part of our Maryborough community.
Next week, we plan to have more fun via Zoom - a "Mask-erade" Night, and you'll need a covid mask, a few sheets of blank A4 paper and a felt tip pen or two to participate.