Last Thursday, 31 club members and guests (our largest Zoom gathering) tune in to hear the CEO of the Central Goldfields Shire, Lucy Roffey. Lucy talked about the trend towards a more collaborative and participative style of government in modern Councils, and the preparations being made for the Council elections to be held later this year - the first Council elections since governance of the shire was taken over by Administrators, several years ago. Lucy outlined how the rules have changed in recent years, including the fact that every person who stands for election must now participate in prior training to prepare themselves for the role. Once in the Council, the training continues to prepare councillors for the types of decisions they will be called on to make. Lucy revealed that a Shire Council is rather unique in its scope - Councils must make decisions in over forty significantly different areas from road maintenance to childcare centres to home help for the elderly. Lucy encouraged club members to seriously consider standing for Council once the call for nominations goes out.
On a separate note, last Thursday's meeting was the last "home and away" meeting of current President, Leigh Williamson. Thanks Leigh for a great job in keeping our meetings lively, and enjoyable throughout the year - particularly during our Zooming months. Next Thursday, everyone is invited to attend our Club Changeover - also on Zoom - when we will induct the 2020-21 President, Alison Teese OAM.