Bec Lowery's Three Pieces of Advice are ...
1. Always say "Yes" and give it a go - you never know what you'll be able to achieve. You might think you're out of your depth, but jump in anyway and you'll grow as an individual.
2. Enjoy the people around you at work because they become your second family - when you're at work, you're with your colleagues as much as with your own family. They're all different, all at different levels, and you can all get the best out of each other if you treat each other as if they were family members you care about.
3. When you have a problem, and you have to go for help, come with a solution or an idea that might help - it is so important that you think for yourself and try to solve your own problems, but also vital to check to see if your idea is OK, and whether wiser people think you're on the right track.