This week’s meeting, being  Economic and Community Development month, our guest speaker was Janice Simpson whose topic was the Castlemaine Maryborough Rail Trail. It’s an incredible project and once completed will be an excellent eco-tourism asset.One of the wonderful things about the trail is that it will be equally enjoyable no matter which direction you start from!
Start at Maryborough and you can alight from one of Australia’s grandest old railway stations. Start at Castlemaine station and you will be right where the story of the goldfields began.
A powerful and unique feature of the trail is that it has a train line to Melbourne at both ends. Easy for local commuters; a magnet for eco-tourists.
If you start in Castlemaine, you can easily find good food and coffee and any last-minute necessities, then you’ll be off along the Campbells Creek Trail to Winters Flat where the disused part of the old train line begins and the Goldfields Steam Train blows it’s whistle and turns off towards Maldon.
Then the creek, the road, and the rail trail rolls down the valley past farms and houses to Guildford. You’ll be able to look down on the cars passing by as you are safe on the trail and can enjoy the view.
At Guildford, the line crosses the highway on a high bridge and leaves the road for a while, past the place where Campbells Creek joins the Loddon River, over another bridge, and now you’ll follow the Loddon River through bush and farmland, all the way to the old Newstead Station which is now an arts hub.
Soon after Newstead, you will ride across the spectacular Joyce’s Creek bridge, the longest of the trail, at the bottom of Lake Cairn Curran Reservoir. Then it’s a short climb up onto the volcanic Moolort Plains, with big skies, and world-recognised wetlands.
The rollicking downhill run past the Moolort Silos and into Carisbrook is a blast before heading into Maryborough and the truly magnificent Maryborough Station where you can enjoy a well-deserved milkshake (or other age-appropriate refreshing treats).
It was an excellent presentation on a project that offers huge potential to the region. The total cost is likely to be in the region of $15 million, however it is likely to be built and opened in stages.

Later in the meeting we had the second of our 3 minute Vocational Talks".
The topic is: “Three pieces of Wisdom/ Advice You Would Give To A Young Person Just Starting Out on their Working Life/ Career” 
Our presenter this week was Thea Allan
“Things I would tell someone starting work or for everyday living”
1.   My Mother, Peg Parson, a very wise woman, always said
a.    Don’t put it down, put it away … means you or anyone else can find it when they are looking for it.
b.   Don’t go to bed angry … it keeps sleep away and there are many other reasons for not sleeping. Don’t add this one to them
2.   My secondary school music teacher Ethel Peeler, another wise woman said 
You will never be lost while you have a tongue in your head.  If you don’t know … ask.   Saves a lot of self-doubt
3.   This from Simon Green at a RYPEN weekend
Turn up and on time - this shows you are interested and punctual.    
I try to be punctual for everything. If I know I am going to be late I ring up and tell them.
Thanks Thea excellent food for thought.