At Thursday's meeting, our club said "Farewell" to long standing member, PP Brian Thomas and his wife, Alison. As part of the occasion, President Leigh presented Brian with an additional Sapphire for the Paul Harris recognition Brian already enjoys. Leigh also thanked Alison for her considerable support to the club with a bunch of flowers. Several members spoke about the positive influence Brian has had on the club and on their Rotary lives in particular. Brian joined Rotary in Sydney, 30 years ago, and joined our club not long after. He was a key player in setting up Brian Dowie Park, and he has always been a passionate supporter of that project. Almost every tribute mentioned Brian's commitment to the Four Way Test and his efforts to keep our club true to that Rotary ideal. In response, Brian said, "This club is on a great trajectory", and "Community really happens in places like Maryborough." We wish Brian and Alison every happiness as they move to South Australia to be closer to their daughter's family.