As part of an annual custom that has been continuing for fifteen years, more than 20 members and prospective members met at the Maryborough Girl Guides Hall last Thursday. During the evening members heard from a long serving Guide leader, Christine Greenwood who talked about her continuing support of the Guides through the Trefoil organization. (Trefoil members are former Girl Guides, Guiders and Local Association/Support Group members, who though no longer active, want to keep the camaraderie going.)
Chris started up the Ranger Guide unit in the 1990’s after a number of years when it had been closed. She mentored five Queens Guides during her time as Ranger leader.
Chris said her husband Greg was a great support to her as she steered the Ranger Guides into the wider world. Hiking to Tarli Karng uphill from Licola; bus trip to Queensland, hiking in Tasmania are some of the highlights she spoke about.
Our hard-working chefs for the evening, Guide leaders Vanessa Parker and Lyn Curry. Provided us with an excellent 3 course meal which was enjoyed by all