On February 23rd, our club members celebrated the 118th Birthday of Rotary with a cake and an exploration of the importance of peace within the world and within ourselves. Small groups reflected on how we find peace in our lives and how the world might become a more peaceful place. Members found peace in their gardens, in the bush, by the sea, with family members, through absorbing manual work, by playing cards, self-reflection, having a sense of purpose, having a sense of self worth, being supportive and unconditional giving. Click Read more... for more pix and text.
As for world peace, members suggested we should eliminate propaganda, reduce stress on people, educate everyone about the "Four-way test", promote respect and empathy, encourage people to avoid tribal thinking, good communications, and interactive works. In one group, the discussion got onto the question of whether Russia should be represented at the Olympics, which were developed to promote peace? That group also reflected on what Maryborough Rotary Club can do to promote peace? Their answer: Give a substantial donation to a Peace scholar!