Older members will remember the Fellowship Roster system pre-covid. Three members are rostered on each week to assist with the administration of the club meeting. Each week, one of those members will be removed from the list and the next one on the club's alphabetical list will be added to complete the Fellowship team. Two of the members will collect meeting fees from members and welcome them to the meeting, the other member will manage sales at the bar. At the end of the meeting, all three will be responsible for cleaning up - i.e., putting away the club lecturn trolley, the public address system, the club calendar, and returning unsold drinks to the refrigerator. If a member is not able to fulfill their rostered spot, it is their resposibility to swap their time with another member. Those on duty will be included in each week's bulletin. Since the Administration committee is responsible for the roster, they will start the process. Geoff, Murray and John Williamson will start next week - from then on, the roster will move through club members alphabetically by surname.