At the recent training event for Zone 8 District Governors, Rotary International President Nominee, Jennifer Jones and incoming Zone 8 Director, Jessie Harman gave some parting words of wisdom.
In sharing the story about her mum not having had the opportunity to stretch her leadership skills until she was inducted as a member and eventually became a Club President, Jennifer Jones pointed out that because of Rotary, her mum grew so dramatically. She referred back to Rotary’s Vision Statement and emphasised the part about “Together, we…create lasting ourselves” and the opportunities of growth ahead. She ended by saying “we need you to inspire” to make the organisation more relevant and brighter than ever.
Then, Director Elect, Jessie Harman dropped some words of wisdom that other people have shared and that she has picked up along the way in her own leadership journey –
1. Be strategic and make a plan. Take others with you as you go.
2. Surround yourself with capable people. Give them a job to do, then let them do it.
3. Be humble. Rotarians donate their time, treasure and talent and they deserve your support. Build a culture of appreciation.
4. Stay positive. Rotarians in your districts will look to you to set the tone.
5. Be fascinated, not frustrated! Seek first to understand the ‘Why?’ behind the objections.
6. Keep one eye on the present, but the other firmly on the future. Your role is to build a stronger Rotary for all.
7. Don’t let the thought of leadership overwhelm you. You don’t need to achieve everything in just one year; instead, think of yourself as a strong link in an even stronger chain. If that isn’t enough, remember this: ‘Your district will survive in spite of you, but it will be great because of you’. Choose great!