Four of the five Governance Committees met at the Highland Society on Thursday, February 17th. Click "Read more..." to read brief reports from each of these committees.
Membership/ Public Image:
The committee received an email from a concerned member about the need for recognition of service of current and leaving members.
The committee proposed that service be recognized publicly in some way every five years.
Reminders for these recognitions should be built into the Club Changeover Program so we don't forget.
We need to review and refresh our policies on recognition for all members who leave the club - whatever the process, it needs to be easy to do.
We need to review and refresh our club "Best Practices" Guidelines with regards attraction of new members, training procedures, the clear promotion of Rotary values, and determinig ways members can add value to the club, and how the club can add value to the member.
130 posters have been printed for the Blue Pyrenees Bike Ride and all members are asked to take some and deliver them to places where they may raise awareness of the event. We already have quite a few enrolled for the event, so it is looking promising.
The recent Bunnings Barbeque raised over $1000 in profit - a great effort - thanks to those who assisted!
The roster for the Ballarat Swap Meet on February 26-27 is available and will prove to be a good fundraiser for the club.
The club program for March has been planned although we're waiting on confirmation of a couple of nights.
The "Service Above Self 1999-2021 History Book has been completed and is being proofread again.
The Board has agreed to a quote by Snap Printing in Melbourne to produce 50 copies in full colour and perfect bound for $1371+GST unless a better quote can be received from a Geelong company by early next week.
Three local printers either couldn't do small runs of 50, or offered quotes of over $1600 or $1800.
We will sell the books at cost to make sure we get rid of them all.
Planning for the "7 Decades of Service" celebration for our club is underway - it will be at the Highland on March 31, 2022.
Cost will be $45 pp for a two course meal and Birthday cake, we'll launch the book and notable Rotarians will speak.
The Committee also proposed that we continue to offer scholarships for Youth at local Secondary schools but do not use the names of past Rotarians for their titles. The Criteria for our scholarships based around the values of the four way test were developed in 2009 under the heading of the "Community Builder Award". We can continue to use that title or call the scholarship the Maryborough Rotary Scholarship, or the Maryborough Rotary Four Way Test Award, or the Maryborough Rotary Community Builder Award.