PP Robert "Malley" Rowe and Tracey Smith both provided an overview of the latest developments with the Tower Peace Park project. The Tower Committee met with local historian Geoff Lovett at the Bristol Hill reserve last Tuesday and learned some eye-opening facts. See "Read more..."
The Tower Reserve was originally the only cemetery in Maryborough and actually contains the graves of over 400 early gold-diggers and pioneers. It has, over the years, been referred to as the "Chinese Cemetery", but it contains the bodies of people from a number of cultures so is now referred to as the "Pioneer Cemetery". There is a sign with this name near the corner of Weller and Palmerston streets. Apart from the graves, the area contains a large cross on the ground made out of quartz stones and measuring around 5m x 3m. Both Malley and Trace agreed that the area has much potential and will prove to be a very big project.