The Year Is Half Over...Do You Know Where Your Strategic Plan Is? | CO2  PartnersWe haven't completed our projects for this Rotary year yet, but we need to at least start thinking about how we want things to develop in our standing committees after July 1st this year. Accordingly, the committees' meetings next month will involve both the Governance and Service Committees in making a list of the projects and issues they want to address in the 2023-24 Rotary year. All members are encouraged to think about how you would like our programs to be tweaked in the coming year, and ensure that the chair of the relevant standing committee hears about your thoughts.
Please note that we are not looking for huge changes this year since we are finishing off the previous Strategic planning period. A completely new plan will crank up around this time in 2024. Having said that, this is the time for final tweaking of our current plan.
Look out for emails about the planning process in the near future, and the new Planning Committee will meet on Tuesday, March 28th. The new planning committee volunteered at our meeting on Thursday, and currently includes PP Garry, PDG Anthony, PP Thea, PP Martin, Rotarians John Williamson, Rebecca and Adrian, and PDG Geoff.