Posted by Meryl James
The following recommendations from committees were approved at the October Board meeting:
  • Membership Committee: the purchase of 20 Promotional kits and 10 new Member kits.
  • Youth Committee:  That the Youth debate become an annual event
  • Youth Committee:  That $300 be donated to Highview College for Woodwind and Contemporary Music packs
  • Youth Committee:  That the end of year Art and Community Service scholarships to MEC, Highview and GELC, named after former Rotarians, be continued.
  • International Committee: That a Disaster Aid Box be donated now, rather than as planned next year, given the present need.
  • Community Committee: That $30 be provided for the annual Rotary Garden Club Trophy
  • Community Committee: That $100 be donated to PROBUS for their Bowls day
  • Community Committee: That we submit an Application for the Wannon Community Service Awards for our FV Project.
  • Club Planning Committee: That the Board review the Club Guidelines Booklet
  • Administration Committee: That we purchase a speaker for the TV to enhance sound.