1. Advice from a Bank Manager to Noel when he was just starting out…”When you’ve got a whole lot of jobs ahead of you, always do the worst one first and it will make you feel good for the rest of the day.”
2. Turn up on time, look smart, look interested and remember the names of those who can assist you, especially the first person you are assigned to work with.
3. You catch more bees with honey – be “nice” and take everything from there.
4. Never judge people; always look at them with an open mind and remember the old scruffy guy who came in to buy a Mercedes and no one in the car dealership would talk to him – so he went down the road and bought a Mercedes from the rival dealer and parked it in front of the first dealer’s shop.
5. Be ethical – if something doesn’t seem right, put it to the “pub test”, or if you’re a Rotarian, the “Four Way Test”.