Last week we had the pleasure of David Hare sharing his recent adventure to Nepal with us, and Malcolm Solomano  informing us about the Flexible Options program that MEC are running. Thank you to them both.
Here are a few issues from the final Board meeting for this Rotary year which was held last Monday night, with a drink and nibbles afterward to celebrate our year. We welcomed PE Leigh's new Directors as well.  
           We were saddened to accept the resignation of Rod Brown, who has been a valued member for many years. We hope he will attend a future meeting to receive a certificate of recognition and appreciation.
            It was decided that PHF recipients should be informed before the Changeover Dinner so they they can invite family and friends to share the evening with them.
            The new Strategic Plan will be adopted at the July Board meeting, as a couple of Committees are are still working on their Action Plans.
                                       It was passed that the Administration Director should in future be the immediate Past President.
                                      It was agreed that the Club Planning Committee would be responsible for linking fundraising activities with specific projects.
         A few reminders:
  • Remember Club fees are now due and payable by 21st June to receive the $20 discount.
  • Remember weekly Dinner fees will be $22 from July 1st.
  • 2018-2019 Chairs should be preparing their annual reports. Thanks to Toby for again offering to collate these.
  • Bring your partners on June 20th for a fun social night. My FINAL FLING!! Be sure to inform Derrick of numbers.
  • Join me for drinks at the Highland Sports Bar and optional meal from 5.30pm on Thursday 27th June.
  • Keep the 29th June free for our Club Changeover Dinner. Pay online or to Treasurer Graham by next week.
  • Try to attend another Group 7 Changeover. I need numbers by this week.
Be inspired to be social over the next few weeks and attend as many occasions as you can!