Thank you to the Chairs and members of our 2019-2020 Committees, who worked  hard last Thursday night to finalise their plans for the coming year. It was a very productive meeting.  Thank you also to Malley Rowe for having been our Meeting Chair during Youth Service Month. It's always a fun time when he is in charge and last week was no exception. Congrats on the swindle win Malley!!
Next month is Fellowships Month, with PP Derrick Marsden in the Meeting Chair. We know he has certainly had a lot of experience with a Fellowship recently, and look forward to hearing more at our Fellowships night next week.
Perhaps you will learn about a fellowship that you would like to join yourself!
 About 200 people attended the MATS fundraising Dinner last night, with our own members acting as spotters for the auctions. Sorry to hear that Malley was unwell and couldn't be the auctioneer. Get well soon Malley. 
We will be presenting our considerable Club donation to this worthy Community project at the official launch in early July.
A few reminders:
  • Remember Club fees are now due and payable by 21st June to receive the $20 discount.
  • 2018-2019 Chairs should be preparing their annual reports. Thanks to Toby for again offering to collate these.
  • Bring your partners on June 20th for a fun social night. My FINAL FLING!!
  • Keep the 29th June free for our Club Changeover Dinner.
We have one month left to "Be The Inspiration" before the theme changes to "Rotary Connects The World".