A huge thank you to PDG Jessie Harman for taking time to come and facilitate our Strategic Plan Meeting last week and to all who attended.  A lot of ideas came forward and Jessie made it a fun night, as well as encouraging us to think of our Club's future. Thank you also to Geoff James for all his pre-planning and to Peter Haywood for offering to collate all the sheets into a manageable format. Committees will look at the results on May 30th and make their recommendations to the Board of their goals for next year.
Thank you to the Club for appointing me to vote on their behalf at the Special District General Meeting in Swan Hill next Saturday morning. I will vote to approve the new suggested  structure of the District Board.
Next Sunday, DG Anthony hands over charge of the District to Roseanne Kava from the Rotary Club of Swan Hill at the District Changeover Dinner, although he will still be officially DG until July 1st. As a club, we can be proud of the job he has done representing us, and those of us going will be sure to show our obvious appreciation and support at this event.
Next week we will thank our Conference Sponsors for their generous support and also hear from our two RYPEN representatives.
Bring your Partners for a good night, but be sure to let Derrick know numbers before Wednesday lunchtime, as we will have quite a few visitors.
Remember we are booking tables for the MATS dinner on June 1st. Buy your tickets at the Highland Society front desk under Rotary. Our own Malley Rowe is the Auctioneer on the night!
We have much to be inspired by!