We had an informative and fun-packed meeting last Thursday with a "love" theme for Valentine's day. Our members always enjoy, and do a great job of singing, whether it be the national Anthem or "All you need is love". A good song for Peace Month, as well as Valentine's day!!
Thank you to Jenny Bacon for sharing her interest and passion for textile art. We were in awe of her talent and the pieces she showed us. We look forward to seeing the display at the Art Gallery in the near future.
Be sure not to miss our Peace Night next week, when we  will look at the meaning of peace in our own lives, the community and the world, as well as celebrate Rotary's Birthday. Something worth celebrating!
Thank you for volunteering to work at the BBQ at Ballarat Swap Meet next weekend. It is another good fundraiser for our Club.
It is only 5 weeks to our District Conference, so make sure that you register soon! Also,  be prepared to be inundated by information and requests for help from now until then. A huge thank you to the Committee who have worked and are still working so hard to make it a success.
We are all called to "Be the Inspiration".