Happy New Year to you all! I trust you are feeling refreshed and ready to face  the very busy, but exciting months ahead. We are now on countdown to the District Conference, and we will need the help of every member to ensure it is a huge success.
We certainly rocked in the New Year at the Town Hall, raising valuable funds for our Youth projects,and getting great publicity in the Addie. I would like to personally thank Geoff, Peter, Shane, Martin, Harold, Anthony and our Friends of Rotary, Jackie Dellavedova and Marg Rumpff for their invaluable support. Thanks also to the band members, who took little or no reward for sharing their talents for 5 hours. 
In contrast, a very relaxed, social and enjoyable BBQ meeting was held at the home of Garry and Julie Higgins last Thursday. We sincerely thank them for their generous hospitality. 
Next week Martin has organised a visit to the croquet club, so wear your flat shoes and bring a salad or sweet to share with the BBQ. It should be a fun night! 
January is Vocational Service month and we have a visit to the CFA on 24th, fires permitting!
So, let’s continue to “Be the Inspiration” into 2019. We have much to inspire us.