Our important AGM was held last Thursday, and it was exciting to all be piped in by  Hamish Hare. Thank you Hamish. It was a real treat!
We thank those members who agreed to hold positions for 2019/20 in our club. Can I encourage others to see PE Leigh and consider nominating for those positions still vacant. We all have a part to play in  ensuring our club runs smoothly.
We were also honoured to receive a "Community Partnership Recognition" certificate from Terry Welch, the CEO of Maryborough District Health Service at the meeting.  It has been great to have their involvement and support in our #SayNO2familyviolence project.
Can I thank again, Esther and Alison and other members who helped run the successful Oaks Day fundraiser for Literacy at MEC. Over $2000 was raised. A fun day with a great result!
Please be sure to choose your times on the Energy Breakthrough roster. It is only a week away and we need all hands on deck so we can share the load. This is a great community service as well as a major fundraiser for our club .
Thank you to those who have already placed donations of toileteries in the Tub for the Salvation Army. We will keep it running into next year, but we are collecting Christmas treats in the Christmas Tub over the next few weeks to brighten someone's Christmas. Please make sure spouses are aware of this collection.
Finally, can you consider booking and paying for our Christmas breakup party over the next few weeks, which is at Peppa's Restaurant on December 15th.  Also, plan to bring family and friends to our New year's Eve Dance, to 'Rock in the New Year"!
Let's all be proud and inspired as Rotarians!