“Malley shared two sets of advice for a young person just starting out on their career. 
The first set was: 
 These actual bits of advice were given to him by his first City Engineer on day one at his first job: 
1. Don't let anyone know who you vote for 
2. Don't let anyone know what religion you are and,
3. If you barrack for Collingwood, don't even bother unpacking your bags.”
After more reflection, Malley would look to share these couple of things with someone just starting out
1. You can get a job anywhere, but what makes a job enjoyable are the people you work with and the people you can help along the way . Take the time to develop friendships and relationships.
2. "Put your All” into it and whatever you do, always put your best foot forward by showing respect, integrity, compassion and be worthy of trust.
3. Each day, try to tick something off someone else’s list.