Our Board will consider a proposed set of Strategic Priorities for 2019-23 on Monday night and if approved, the document will be emailed to members for further comment and tweaking in the next week. Once approved by the club, this document will form the first half of our new Strategic plan for the next five years. It will contain Vision and mission statements (in line with the latest Rotary International statements), a small set (e.g. 4) of overall goals (or strategic priorities) based on Rotary International's priorities and a set of general strategies for our club drawn from RI's own strategies and the recent strategies of our District. These general guidelines will firstly provide some ideas for our Visioning session next Thursday, and then will provide a framework within which we can develop our club Action plan of specific objectives for the coming year. The annual Action plan forms the second half of of our Strategic Plan document, and it will be updated each year as has happened over the last decade. So look out for this general document in your email this week, see what you think and have your say. And then be sure to attend next Thursday night when PDG Jessie Harman will guide us in developing some specific objectives for our club - this will be the important "pointy end" activity when we convert the general stuff (determined by RI and the District) into what we want to do in our club during Leigh's year as President.