Image result for Lions Convention Carisbrook 2018Lions International Convention, Carisbrook 2018
Lions International held their District Convention at the Maryborough Trotting Complex, Flagstaff November 9,10 and 11.  150 people registered, and they had a Free Public Health Forum from 12 -2pm on Saturday.
There were many stalls showing Lions programs, very similar to those that Rotary run: Exchange, Peace, Health Lions cakes etc as well as Allied Health stalls for Diabetes, Children’s Cancer, Eye Health and Vision screening, Alzheimers, Crime Watch Disaster Response and Hair Library. There were also a couple of CPR dummies to step over or stop and learn
There was a Tai Chi demonstration which was enjoyed by all. More information in "Read more..."
David Heath is a Nurse Practitioner from Bendigo Health and he spoke about Prostate Cancer. Men need to be proactive, especially if there is any family history of breast or prostate cancer. Lions are raising funds for a Trans Perineal Ultrasound machine to be placed in Bendigo. This will help country people enormously, and mean they won’t have to go to Melbourne or Adelaide for care.
Professor Ralph Martins AO spoke passionately about Maggie Beer‘s cookbook Recipes for Life for Aged Care facilities. Maggie says our elderly still need good food, so they can participate in activities which keep them moving. Maggie’s cook book is available.
Julie Davey wrote her “A is for Attitude” book in 1998. She sold two printings and then offered it to Random House, who printed 10,000 copies, sold 3.000 and were going to sell the rest on the throw-out table. Julie sold her house, bought the remaining books, a four-wheel drive and a caravan and has been tasking her books to schools around Australia. By working with Grade threes, Julie is helping them to build resilience and skills, so they can cope with their teenage years.  The book has been taken up by a Singapore publishing house and is in available in 15 counties and many languages.
Belinda Hogg an Exercisologist in Maryborough spoke about Diabetes and how a good diet and exercise can prevent diabetes and help those who have it. About 10% of the population has Type 1 Diabetes which is treated with Insulin, Type 2, affecting about 85% of those with Diabetes is the fastest growing and Gestational Diabetes is also on the increase. Diet and exercise helps here too.
I commend Lions International for making this session open to the public. Terry and I enjoyed it and learnt something new.