Almost 50 members and guests attended our meeting last Thursday to hear our club's Vocational Scholarship awardee, Kelsey Chandler share her story. Kelsey travelled to Ireland and Scotland to discover world's best practice, and attend a training course on setting up "Nurture Groups" in schools. The nurture group program has been developed in the United Kingdom to support students who perform poorly in school as a direct result of trauma (such as family violence) in the home. Targeted students are placed in small groups with a caring adult who leads them through "bonding" activities on a regular, predictable basis, and this element of stability in their lives has a huge impact on their capacity to learn. Great results have been achieved in the UK, and Kelsey hopes that similar results can be achieved here in Maryborough. Due to Kelsey's dedication, and the support of the Maryborough Education Centre, this will be the first of such programs in Australia. We thank the Central Goldfields Shire for their generous donation of $5000 to enable this program to occur, and congratulate Kelsey for her inspiring presentation and commitment to making the world a better place through this Rotary venture. Thanks must also go to the Vocational Scholarship coordinator, PP Garry Higgins who is pictured here with Kelsey after her talk.