John is currently the new chair of the "Committee for Maryborough" and he shared with our members a fascinating current project that the committee is exploring.
John asked members to imagine a situation where you opened up a serious discussion with your children where you seriously shared your story and history with them - your feelings, attitudes and the important decisions you made when you were their age. John asked members, "What do you think your children would learn from that situation?"  (See "Read more...")
Some of the thoughts shared by members included, "They would learn a lot about themselves"; "They would feel more bonded with you"; "They would have a better idea of where they came from"; "They would feel more ownership of the family and its values"...
John then asked, "Imagine what it would be like if you could do that in the community"?
He indicated that he is looking for groups, businesses and individuals in the Maryborough community who would share their story or history with other members of the community so that ultimately, the community would bond more closely together and and individuals and groups be more supportive of each other. The stories of groups and individuals would be recorded digitally and it would become a precious digital library. In this way, we can build a more resilient community that minimizes the duplication of effort. The Ballarat and Warrnambool communities have worked through this process with positive results. John asked members to seriously consider getting involved when the project seeks volunteers in the near future.