Jenna Townsend, head chef at the Highland Society Pipe Bistro, started her life in the small town of Taree in northern New South Wales. Her mother enjoyed cooking, so Jenna started at about age six. Her cooking eventually led her to the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne, where she honed her skills working 80 hours per week. This left very little time for a life! On coming to Maryborough with her partner about four years ago, Jenna has come to love Maryborough and her new life of 45 hours per week. When the Wednesday evening jackpots started, about 120 meals were set down. This rose to 640 one night in a two-hour period, albeit with a limited menu, due to the monster Interclub draws. Jenna turned the dining room around in three months, and in 2018, was awarded Chef of the Year,  selected from 1300 country clubs. Jenna paid tribute to the improved equipment, bigger ovens, and the people on mysterious Table 14, who have become her cheer squad. Jenna also attributed much of the success of the club to the staff, and particularly the diligence of the Nepalese staff, who proved to be willing workers. She encouraged us to engage fully with people new to the town. Jenna described her travails with extending Maryborough appetites to dishes other than the ubiquitous schnitzel (380 per week) "I love to tempt people’s taste buds” Jenna said. Congratulations Jenna on a job well done! In closing, Jenna also promoted the 60th Australian Pipe Band Championships to be held in Maryborough on 4-5th April 2020. It is expected over 4000 people will attend with 40 bands and $1200 in prizes. Are we ready for so much Scottishness?