June is designated as Fellowships Month on the Rotary Calendar, and our last meeting , members heard a short overview of Fellowships from PDG Geoff. Rotary Fellowships are groups of any interested individuals who connect to explore shared interests in such things as Recreational Activities, Hobbies, Sports, Vocations or Rotary History & Culture.  Click "Read more..." for more information.
While most have fellowship online, the most successful ones meet in person and hold events around the world.
The first rotary Fellowship was formed in 1928 when Rotarians interested in Esperanto joined together in a fellowship. Today there are about 80 different world wide fellowships in operation. There are about 40,000 Rotarians world wide who are members of a formal fellowship.
Fellowships are open to all Rotarians...although some qualifications apply for some fellowships. Information is available on the internet - including publications of fellowships. Simply type “Rotary Fellowships” into Google
There are many advantages to being a member of a fellowship:
• Rotary thrives with happy Rotarians
• A way to develop and share your interest
• Stimulates international friendship
• New stimulus for travel locally and overseas
• Possible business & professional contacts
In our Club, members have been involved in five fellowships of which we know:
•  The Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarians (Derrick)
•  Flying Rotarians (Terry Allan)
•  The Recreational Vehicle Fellowship (Past member Brian Thomas)
•  Hosting Fellowship (Terry & Thea)
•  Cruising Fellowship (Terry, Thea, Geoff and Meryl, Derrick and Karen)
Fellowships are not to be confused with Rotary Action groups which are groups of Rotarians following a common vocational pursuit who get together to do good in the world. Fellowships are more for fun.