1. Have a mentor. Try and find someone who has been in the game for a while to help you get to know the ropes and how to best work in the company.
2. When ideas are required, don't be too shy and think, "I've just started, so I'll just listen." A lot of ground-breaking discoveries have been made by people outside their area of expertise. So offer your suggestions because you might just have a novel way of looking at things or doing things that solves a problem.
3. Be on time. It's sign of respect for other people - when you're on time, you respect their time.
4. Stay alert. Especially in repetitive jobs because if you don't stay alert, you could make costly errors and cause damage. To help stay alert, keep asking yourself, "What am I doing here?" "Is there a better way of doing this without sacrificing quality?"
5. Enjoy your job. But remember that there are very few jobs where it is interesting all the time. There will be times when the job is challenging, or when it will be repetitive and even boring. Just wade through these stages until you get to the more interesting bits, and try to enjoy every aspect of your job.