For last Thursday's Inkspot, PP Garry Higgins OAM shared his visit to the first Melbourne performance (for this year) of YouTube phenomenon, Jordan Peterson. Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and Professor at Toronto University who has recently released the top selling book in the Western World, "12 Rules for Life". It is estimated that YouTube Videos relating to him number around 5 Billion hits (although no-one is counting) and he is regarded as the most well known intellectual in the world. Garry was impressed that over 5000 people, mostly young men (25 to 40) and a significant number of young women were in the audience to hear Peterson talk for two and a half hours about what are in essence, Rotary values. Peterson is adamant that we must speak the truth in all things, and instead of complaining about our woes (which we all have), endeavour to fix our lives and our families, and do some good in the world. Peterson will apparently be on "Q&A" this Monday night, but simply type, "Jordan Peterson youtube" into Google, and you can watch him in action.