Finals Footy Frenzy
FFF Game 1 winner, Garry Higgins has decided to “let her ride baby” when I took his winnings to him on Friday. Thanks Garry and I’ll choose 4 more squares for you. 
FFF Game 2 winner in that thrilling game between Demons and Cats was Bob Osborne a in the FFF Game 3 between the Swans and Giants Thea had a winning square. FFF Game 4 between the Eagles and the Pies over in the west saw Kade Rowe hold the winning square. Kade has decided to follow Higgins lead and “let her ride” (not the first time a Higgins Rowe combination has set out for bigger things.... more on that later)
Thanks for playing everyone.......And there are now only 4 squares left. 
9-5, 9-8, 7-9 and 5-9...... favourite numbers anyone?