On Thursday, November 26th, all our club committees fine tuned preparations for the "Big Reset" in the club to take place in 2021. The process of the "Reset" is taking shape, and will start with a survey of every member in the club - where we seek information about the skills and interests they have available for club projects, the networks and contacts they have that the club could reliably call upon, and each member's honest level of availability for club work going forward.
This information will be transferred to a spreadsheet that will reliably inform the Board of the actual capacity we now have as a club to "do good in the world", and the areas where we we can most effectively operate. The Spreadsheet results will be compared to our current strategic plan, and tested against a set of criteria, yet to be finalized, to work out the club projects we decide to keep, abandon or change, and, what new club projects we might develop to better suit our skills, the availability of members and ensure we get our message out to the community that Rotary is active in the world. Ultimately, we want every member in our club to be using the skills and interests they enjoy, at a level they can manage, doing projects that not only help the community and the world, but that also raise our profile in the community and make others want to get on board.