Last Thursday, Elissa Richie and Chris McGlynn from different Ballarat Rotary clubs shared their ideas for generating new younger members in Rotary clubs. A month or so ago, they conducted an event for potential "Young Friends in Rotary" with the idea of developing projects that were of interest to young people. They held the event in a pub, offered $300 of free food and attracted 60 young people to attend. On the night they learnt that young people are less into Facebook and emails than Instagram and text messaging. The concept of a "project" is a little foreign, but young people are interested in causes such as the environment and youth mental health. A recent follow up event wasn't as successful due to coinciding with University holidays, but the pair intend to do another follow up next year. Some lively discussion followed the presentation by Chris and Elissa, and included comments by our new younger potential members, Thomas and Clare, and members from the Lions club who attended on the night.