What   a  fun  night !!  A night to remember, thanks to the organisers.
Murray's  great  effort with Bowelscan  resulted in 325 kits being sold. This amounts to $4875  being  collected by the Pharmacies ...local, Dunolly, Inglewood etc  who sold them at $15 each.  While a  sum of   $125 was raised for our Club  we hope that maybe this saves  someones life...!
Brian Reed won the raffle and while $73 of prizemoney was winnable , the Joker stayed in place.
On this , the last Club night under  President Meryl's   leadership ,  it was a  time to  enjoy the inspiration  that  was evident throughout the year  and , on behalf of all  members,  PE  Leigh thanked and congratulated Meryl on  all she has done for the Club in  her year as President.
The Community  committee  meets  again this Monday night (24h) at 7.00pm  at John Caulfield's home at  30 Barker Street, Maryborough.
FNFF was won this week by Harold with 2-3  congrats, Harold, 
This will be the last issue carrying my name as editor,  in fact  the real work has been done  through out the year .by PP Geoff . He does so much work  organising our information  and this  applies not only  to the Bulletin.  Thanks a million Geoff, a great Rotarian.  But also great he will be the Editor for Leigh's year!