Posted by Brian Thomas
Did You Hear………….E&OE.
It was good to welcome back  Ted Edwards, he had a fall and was rescued  and now is doing pretty  well,    also  Leigh Williamson back from overseas travel. We missed Thea and Terry due to Terry’s medical procedure which seems to have been very successful.
The meeting  on Thurs. was  very busy, and the debates  were  good fun .Thank you to students  Siri Peteti , Erin Holland, Harmony  Martin-Binks  and Lillian Normington  and to Rotarians  Martin McKay, Alison Teese, Shane Dellavedova  and Garry Higgins   for debating two difficult topics  with skill and respect. We learned that young ones need help and facilities and that Maryborough provides them, that the Environment is changing but that   the climate is still the  in good shape.
Welcome to Marion  and Darryl Walters  and  Rev. Heather Blackman..
John Sedunary is back in town after 4-5years away, we look forward to catching up with John and …..
Our next meeting is  at Park View Bakery , this is  a partners night  and  maybe a pie making demo!  Let secretary  Derrick know  re attendance as usual. Meeting is 6.30pmm for 7.00 but a Membership Committee meeting will be held at 5.00pm .
On Thursday 20th  we have a fund raiser  at the Commonwealth Bank ,cook and sell from 11.00am to 1.00pm.  On October 28th at the Soccer Field  a  Meet and Greet  day where we offer a free BBq.
Rtn Alison Teese gave a  very  interesting  vocational talk , especially her great interest in trees  and especially eucalypts  and including her role  in the Bjarne K Dahl Trusts special events, scholarships . Alison has been committed to many areas of Environmental management.
Have you booked your table for the  big event…our Rock ‘n  Roll  Dance is  coming up quickly  on Saturday 22nd September…have you booked your table yet, have you  donated a prize…if you can help call Jackie  Dellavedova on 5461 4264…  a  great event !!
The Pyrenees Bike ride is coming up fast …September 28th,  Peter  still needs volunteers  so please call him.