Posted by Brian Thomas
Our Thursday  night meeting was a busy, interesting and  entertaining night with at least 10   peole contributing ...
Ted Edwards and  Bob Butterfield were  absent due to meducal conditions, we  wish them speedy recoveries..,Terry and Thea   and   Leigh and Jan    and I believe  Tom and Rosemary  , Derrick and Karen   are all travelling  interstate or overseas.... so  attendance was about 40%.
Graeme  advised that our candidate  for National Youth Science  Forum to be held in January next year, Kate Winkelmann  performed well and was  successful in the  selection  process on Sunday  and will  come along and meet the Club in due course.   Great work Graeme!
Alison Teese  told us of the opportunity  to host a Friendship Exchange team  from Ontario Canada   in March next year.......not only  are friendship exchanges a great way to meet peole   but because they are exchanges you could be part of the return process.. the Board  needs  to know if the Clib wishes to participate  in order to make an application to District. so please contact Alison. if  you  wish to join in.
Alison also invited   members  to join her  at  a RAWCS  information day  on Sunday 19th , meeting at  Hotel near  Melbourne Airport.......we hope  some took up the offer.
PSThe International committee have allocated $500  to   Rotary Foundation for  Polio Plus.
We knew John  Stewart  was  a very busy man. Its great that he enjoys  so much  helping people  and he has been doing it so long, some good advice re pre paid funerals and  his advice  to be careful  where you end it can be complicated to get back home. We enjoyed your  Vocational talk , John , Thank you
It was  our honor to have two legends , Bob O and Coral Giles  together. They represented  the real meaning of Community Service  and why Maryborough is such a great lace to live.  The PHF award  was great recognition  for Coral's efforts , her contribution to Carols By Candlelight, the Maryborough Football Club and  Maryborough Theatre Company  have been unique.  Life was not easy but  she learned from her mum to 'just do it!"   Carol's  acknowledgement  of  Rod Brown's long term and critical  help with Carols by Candlelight with provision of the stage for so many years was appreciated.   
 Bob's contribution to  the Rotary Foundation was  recognised with the  Major Donor  Level  1
recognition  and Toby's    with the award of the Sapphire  Pin.  Great to see!
On a different note .......What we do matters.....even  fines sessions hae a purpose....last night disclosed that three members this year had positive bowelscan results.....however  subsequent tests  showed all clear for all three.....Rotary matters!!
Murray won the swindle  but  could not find  the right card and David Hare won Heads and tails  and went home with a bottle of wine.
Community Service comes in many forms.....our outing to  the MBO Theatre  on Thursday  is just part of  that support...but fun!
The Conference Committee is  making progress , venues, speakers, programs, sponsors, publicity all needing  attention,  but time is getting  shorter and no doubt  we will be seeking help from Club members soon!
Please   remember  that   we have no  meeting on Thursday , the   Film night is   on instead!
Jackie Dellavedova is  seeking  donations of  prizes for the raffle  for the Rock and Roll night......please contact  her if you can help.
The FNFF  winner this week was  Kade  Rowe  with squares  1 &3,  thank you for  playing, your winnings will come  to you soon.  R.R.
IF   YOU HAVE  AN ITEM OF INTEREST  OR ANY  ACTIVITY  WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT  PLEASE  EMAIL OR CALL  ME.......sharing information is the key to success!
ps.     What  does E&OE   mean.........Errors and Omissions  Excepted !  It means don't blame me!!!