Did You hear…..E&OE
District Governor’s Changeover……on  Sunday 26th May   at Swan Hill……Book now …to do so , go to   District  Changeover   Luncheon…..web site.
Also   District 9780 Weekly news has a lot of news for Rotarians…..have  a look you  will  certainly    learn something extra.
There is nothing quite like the service  our Fire Brigades  give to the Community. Many  members  give  years and years  of on-call service in addition  to  the regular efforts  to be trained  and to maintain the equipment , families go back two and three generations  of service  so  no wonder it was a very special night . We heard  lots of good stories.
FNFF  ….. last week was again a “blank”  winner so  this week the prize  is  thirty dollars….and it was  won by Chanaka  with 7/2...congratulations. It was good to see Rhys Hendricksen, the young CFA member, win the Heads and Tails. 
The Recreational Vehicle Fellowship is off to Swan Hill this week, there will  be about 70 attendees for a full weekend of activities.
The Club is having interaction with sections of  MEC  in the next couple of weeks in  regard  to students who are , or have been, involved in  the Flexible Learning Options program.
Graeme advised us that Kate Hinkerman  (Our NYSF student) is one of six who has been invited  to go to  Michigan USA  to attend the  Michigan  Maths and Science Fair at the end of June, she does need help  to raise the $5000 cost  so  any donations  will be gratefully  received, chat  with   Graeme.