The  winner of this weeks round FNFF $40  in the  jackpot was Megan Buttsworth. Megan has very generously bought 2 more squares with her jackpot winnings. Thanks for playing Megan.. This is the second time Megan has won FNFF this year, both times with the winning square of 8-2, both Jackpot rounds and she has purchased more squares each time so, thanks from the Sri Lanka project as well.  Robert Rowe.
About 200 Rotarian attended the District Assembly in Ararat.....a  large group   and quite well organised.
Members  have been busy  in the last two weeks,  international travel, weddings, interstate travel plus  Easter and Anzac  celebrations.....not to mention AFL.   So now it is back to work for most of us  and that means  getting our projects finished or under control for changeover.
Would you be prepared to hand  your  RDU  bulletin in  each month , to the Club, to be placed in  waiting rooms for the public to read? Lots of good information in them  and if not used could be a good plan  which some clubs do as a matter of course....lets   know.......