Did You Hear....E&OE
 Pres. Meryl has gone missing...a proceedure to  improve her athletic  capabilities....all the very best Meryl.
With   RACV missing , the Energy Breakthrough  seem ed to be as good as ever.....BBQ set up  was a bit of a challenge but all   expert  hands to the pump saw the  water working, gas flowing and the  cool room  working well. 
The  Marshalling  was  handled well,  at 3.00 am  on Sunday Garry and Julie were looking forward to going home to a nice warm bed...no wonder it was winter in spring !
Our program is set out for the end of the year, put the dates in your calendar...it can not   be Xmas yet  but   Daniel thinks so!
The RVFR (Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarians)  had a muster in Horsham, the country-side may be  doing it tough  but  there are great  attractions in the country , silo paintings, great agricultural museums and the  great Stick Shed at Murtoa...no need to go anywhere else...plus a great , hospitable Rotary Club  in  Horsham.
Brian Dowie Park has had the grass cut again  it looks good for the summer season !?? 
We  have about sixteen bookings for  Rotary on Show at our 2019 District Conferense....so far!
Attendance at our last two meetings was  20 members  or 44.44 %  and  31.11%  or 14 members...