Rotarian Martin Wilke and partner Louise Verden from the Rotary Club of Hilarys, W.A., a beautiful  place  on the coast  near Wannrooo, a special attraction is the Dolphin Wishing Well.......They are   housekeeping in Maryborough and joined us for the meeting...we think they particularly enjoyed Kate's STYLE!
Mallee's Grand=daughter in the Uk  has  gone home after 51/2 months in Hospital ...did you see the beaming smile  on his face? We smiled also when we saw the attached photo taken back in the 1970' you recognise these two Rotarians?  Garry and Mallee do!  
I believe I heard that Chris has two daughters  in Dubai on the way to Ireland.
Thea was lucky..tripped on her way out of the kitchen and landed on her serious injury to stop them heading off this week to Port Mcaquarie  for a weeks rest and recuperation in that beautiful spot.
Peter  Haywood looked pretty fit after his trip  out  in the  desert !.....Now busy working on the great bike ride to Conference  next March,
You had to be in the right corner to hear the stories of failed towballs...the trailer that flew past while the driver was  peacefully driving along  and also the caravan that  was not on the car when the family arrived at the  township.....and we wonder why we are now so regulated!  All started with the return of my ancient towball from Harold  who was an apology .
Noel won the raffle and a bottle of wine, Rob Bursill won Heads and tails and got to draw a card  but no luck!!
 Charlie Townsing won't be with us his week...they ran out of  time...we wish Fay well as she heads off for an Op. 
The    winner of   FNFF  was  Kane Palmer with  a  5/2   square....Your winnings are on the way!