Did You Hear.....?   (E&OE).
 Ted Edwards  has been  39 years in Rotary....great work, Ted.
 Louise is on leave of absence for 12 months......we will miss her!
Noel has a little machine that tells him he does up to  10.000 steps per day ...(  10Km    without  trying!)
Harold  is  going to go  re-invent himself ....going sailing in Spring in his newly acquired SABRE!
 Tom  Davies and friends discovered  the Shires largest white ant nest......guess where?
Karen has had her operation on her back, .......we pray it all goes  very very well!
 Bob  Butterfield sat up  until about 3.00am  watching every stroke  in Federers  Wimbledon match!
What luxuries  some ladies absorb...three hours  at the  Hairdressers. and they didnt stop  talking once!
Our Speaker  next Thursday is Dr Rob Southgate who will also be at the  SNTFV Forum on Friday.

Our  official thank you has been sent to Graeme Iskov  , a volunteer from Flagstaff who has done great work cleaning up at Brian Dowie Park.
What have you heard.... tell the Editor!