Did you you know our club has had four history books written about the club? There was one covering the "The First Thirty Years" up to 1982 written by Hugh Morehead and his team; PP Lindsay Willersdorf and friends did an update called, "10 Years Activities 1982-92"; PP Daryl McLeish wrote "50 Years of Service" in 2002; and PP Brian Thomas produced, "Ten Years of Service" in 2012. Now, a "Seventy Years of Rotary in Maryborough" ebook is being prepared for release next year in 2022.
It is planned to incorporate much of the material from earlier books and add information from the last ten years under headings based on the main focus areas of the club. In the meantime, we are digitizing all these books along with Annual Reports and they can all be found at, and downloaded from our Website. Go to the main page and in the Site pages at the bottom left, click on "Club History". There you can click on the links and see our list of Charter members, our club banner and a short history of our club beginnings. You can click on links for Club History books and Annual Reports and download them as PDF files to read on your own devices.