This is a big shout out to congratulate all the volunteers who help make our recent Blue Pyrenees Magic Ride a success,
If I have missed anyone, I apologise as my silly new computer has lost a lot of contacts.
Firstly, I have a friend who is looking for photos of the penny farthing riders who cycled the short ride.
If you have any photos please forward to me.
If you have any ideas to improve the ride please forward that as well.
Improvements could be variety/quantity of food, communication, or ways to make it easier to manage.
How do you measure success? Is it positive feedback from sponsors, customers, volunteers, money made.
I would say our recent event ticks sponsors, customers & volunteers. Many thanks to Malley & Butch who worked
the most hours.
So to money. I have one account to come so as an overall summary. With around 270 riders, the event should raise $9000.
Breaking this down further this is a profit of $35/entry and over $170/volunteer hour ( on the day) . Regards, Peter.
We got an email from a couple of competitors who wrote:
My friend Melissa Ireland and I just want to thank you all for a fantastic day and a beautiful ride today. It was such a pleasure meeting you, and thank you for all the great organisation and food/ drink at the rest stops.
We thought you might like to see some photos from our day with you. It was good to know that our registration for this event supported the great work that you are doing. 
With best wishes,
Wendy and Melissa
Wendy & Melissa's photos and others can be seen by clicking, "Read more..."