Last Thursday, local Lion, Shire Emergency officer, Champion for the Shannon's Bridge Charity for Chronically Ill people, and organizer of the local "Park Run", Belinda McKnight shared her involvement with the Maryborough Park Run event. The "Park Run" concept started in the United States and is now a world wide phenomenon where individuals are invited to turn up to a local Park and do a timed run or walk each week-end.The only competition is against your previous best time - if you want to be bothered to beat it. The main goal is that you get out into nature and be more active - both good for your health. Once you register, for free, with the local Park Run group, you are given a barcode which you can use to log into a Park Run anywhere in the world, and your previous times will be available to you through the internet. Belinda reported that the local Park Run starts at 8am on Saturday mornings at the Goldfields reservoir, and you can simply rock up and participate. They have had well over 100 people participate on some mornings, but the usual turn out is 30 to 40. Mallee Rowe then got up to inform members that he held a record for the slowest "Park Run". He went in one when he was overseas seeing his son, but half way through stopped for a coffee and went home without logging out. Nine months later, he went back and logged back in, and his run was recorded as taking him nine months to complete! When asked, Belinda also gave us an overview of how the Central Goldfields Shire is preparing for any outbreak of the Coronavirus in our region - our Shire is actually part of a group of 5 central Victorian areas including Echuca, Bendigo, Loddon-Campaspe and Castlemaine when it comes to emergency procedures, and fortunately, just last November, the group set up plans for a hypothetical Influenza Pandemic in this region.