1. Treat people like you would like to be treated yourself - treat them with respect, learn from the people you respect, listen to them and hear what they say. But as you listen, filter out whether they are genuine or whether they've got their own hidden agendas. Ask yourself, "Has this person got something I really need to pay attention to,  or do they simply want me to follow their idea of how things should be?"
2. Don't take everything as you see it - look at things carefully, especially if they seem a little "off". Austin shared a sad story of a client who lost their home because their son had been "tickling the till" without their knowledge - they just couldn't see it because they didn't check things carefully.
3. When you start a job, don't get caught up in the politics of the place - especially comments and behaviours that might be sexist or misogynistic. Treat all other colleagues, male or female, with the same level of respect. Then you will be able to enjoy everybody's company, and enjoy your job.